Years of experience, unwavering precision and a dedication to both progressive and traditional craft.

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"Great projects begin with good conversation. When a client is looking for something unique and beautiful, these early discussions forge that essential mutual understanding between their brief and my creative input. From there, the work begins to take shape."

— Ross Aitkenhead

I'm Ross, and I'm an independent maker-designer of cabinets and unique handmade furniture and also offer carpentry and specialised joinery services.

Nestled in the beautiful woodland of rural Aberdeenshire, my workshop is a former forestry Ranger Hut — and so couldn't be better placed for really immersing myself in the work and maintaining a close connection to the material I work with every day.

For all its challenges and responsibilities, it's a real privilege to operate here as an independent business in the north east of Scotland.

Other than spending quality time with my family, designing handmade cabinets and other furniture mostly from our native resource is both what keeps me up at night and gets me out of bed each morning — and so clients know that when they work with me, they get every bit of my dedication and love for this craft.

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Meet the Maker

A Skilled Independent Furniture Maker-Designer

My story as a cabinetmaker began with an early interest in using my hands to make and fix things, and eventually progressed to a professional level through the rigorous, no-nonsense training of an apprenticeship with the Tom S. Ironside Furniture Group from 2004-2008. Exacting standards, many hours spent and well-timed guidance make for very good teachers, and I soon graduated to launch a business of my own.

I have been operating as an independent business since 2016, and have been fortunate to work with a great variety of clients — including homeowners in the local area, contractors on heritage projects and other design developments of my own.

My lead time varies depending on workload, so if you're interested on working with me, the best thing to do is get in touch.

Key Events


Business Launched, Workshop Established

Ross Aitkenhead Cabinetmaker officially becomes my business and livelihood, and I move into a secluded workshop near Monymusk, Aberdeenshire.


First Completed Project

A landmark day — completion of my first project as an independent cabinetmaker. This was a large coffee table made from a very attractive piece of oak.


Worked with The Dalmore Distillery

It was exciting to be involved in a very special project for The Dalmore distillery in Alness — the creation of a bespoke dresser to house whisky bottles and glasses for VIP guests and buyers.